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About US

Real Property, initiated in 2020, aims to provide luxury home property owners in Sri Lanka with the chance to showcase their properties on an international real estate platform or to build your home, we can do it for you. The idea behind this enterprise was to put a spotlight on luxury homeowners in the Sri Lankan market, highlighting them amongst the sea of properties available in the market. Thus, the platform provides the niche service of allowing space for homeowners and buyers to advertise their properties, thereby providing them with the ultimate platform for their real estate needs. Whether you are building your home or selling your home, Real Property Lanka aims to be the number one solution for home sellers and buyers in the real estate luxury housing industry to find their perfect buyer and seller with the highest convenience. 

Real Property aspires to serve clients with  innovative real estate solutions to ease the property buying and selling process. Focusing on upcoming trends in the market, its aim is to expand into niche segments to address requirements that are often ignored by other real estate players. Its unique approach and services are inspired by a need to make positive changes in an industry that is in need of a boost. Driven by an analytical and idea driven team, Real Property will continue to develop its place within the market and is sure to emerge as the next big thing. 

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